About Us

Butcher's Choice of Atlanta, Inc., began serving customers in 1994 with the goal of providing premium quality meats at a great value, a simple order & delivery process, and excellent service for our loyal customers. We believe we have not only met but exceeded our goal!

Better Business Bureau

Our commitment to exemplary customer service has been proven by an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta. We have a perfect record with the BBB.

Butchers's Choice of Atlanta, Inc. is owned and locally operated by Brad Goff, "The Butcher". Our company is not affiliated with any other company or store in the United States.

Points to consider when choosing Butchers Choice of Atlanta 
for your premium quality meats

  • Prices - Due to our longevity and experience, we have prime purchasing power and more knowledge of this industry than new companies, therefore we are able to pass along our savings to you by offering superior quality meats at the best value.

  • Quality - We carry only USDA Choice, Prime and Select Beef Products.Our steaks are mid-western grassfed American beef with no tenderizing. No commercial grade, ungraded, roll or utility beef is permitted in our warehouse facility or vehicles.

  • Credibility - All of our products are inspected and approved by the USDA. The Georgia Department of Agriculture inspects our products for a second time along with inspections of our vehicles and main distribution center. This ensures that nothing less than the highest quality products are received by our customers.

  • Packaging - Our products are flash frozen then packaged with high quality commercial grade Cryovac® protective packaging, which guarantees them to stay fresh for one year. Most products are individually packaged therefore avoiding waste due to spoilage.

  • Handling - Store bought meats have typically been handled at least 3 times; at the plant, distribution center and retail store. Each stop involves several staff members, tables, gloves, saws, aprons, etc., touching the meat. Our products are only handled once and are safely sealed until you open it.

  • Variety - We provide a great selection of 30+ delicious products for your family to enjoy a diverse entree selection for each meal.

  • Convenience - How great is it to have the whole grocery store meat display case to choose from on-line? With Butcher's Choice, you conveniently shop from home and get a great value.

  • 100% Replacement Guarantee - Purchase with confidence! We do! We are so confident in our product line that we will replace any purchase that does not meet your satisfaction.  

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1241 Dayspring Trace
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Mon-Sat: 9AM - 8PM                                                    
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